Nishimura Takahito La cuisine créativité





幼稚園の時から芸術的なフランス料理に興味があり、フランスで修行し、福重で「French cafe 139」をオプンしました。

その後、大名「La Niche」、糸島「風の邸」、平和「La Niche」と料理を追求しながら、多くのお客様とのご縁と学びの中で、フランス料理の精神をもとに、




La Nicheから、Nishimura Takahito La cuisine créativité (ニシムラタカヒトラ・キュイジーヌ・クリアテビィテ〕に改め、


La Nicheを応援して下さった皆様には、心から感謝し、これからも応援して頂けるよう、日々精進してまいりたいと存じます。


2017.10.10 西村貴仁


2003 福重 「French Cafe139」

2005 大名 「Restaurant La Niche」

2010 平和 「La Niche」

2017 平和「Nishimura Takahito La cuisine créativité」 


I’ve loved cooking ever since I can remember. I have been interested in artistic French cuisine since I was a child, trained in France, and opened French Cafe 139 in Fukushige. After that, while pursuing cuisine with “Daimyo 「La Niche」 Itoshima「Kaze no Oka」Heiwa 「La Niche」”, based on the spirit of French cuisine in the relationship and learning with many customers, I wanted to create Nishimura cuisine that mixed with various genres of cuisine, and decided to restart after about six months of day off. The concept of the new store is “Cuisine that is particular about, regardless of genre” I want to find out Nishimura’s world view regardless of genre such as Japanese, Chinese and Italian. I changed the name of my restaurant from La Niche to Nishimura Takahito La cuisine créativité with the meaning of my own name and creative cuisine in French. I want to bring out the best ingredients and offer customers in a bite-sized quantities with the desire of having a conversation with them in the spirit of once-in-a-lifetime encounter. I appreciate your continuous support.

2017.10.10 Takamura Nishimura

2003 Fukushige “French Cafe139”
2005 Daimyo “Restaurant La Niche”
2010 Heiwa “La Niche”
2017 Heiwa “La cuisine creativit NISHIMURA Takahito ”